Invoicing cycle
According to the relevant legal provisions we apply a nationwide standard quarterly invoicing cycle starting with year 2017. According to Section 10 (2) of Government Decree 69/2016 (III.31.) on the appointment, task scope and data management method of the organisation that is established for carrying out the state waste management public task and the detailed rules of the data service providing obligations „The Co-ordinating Organisation has to issue an invoice on the public service fee quarterly with a 15-day payment deadline”.
Requesting a substitute cheque
Please send your substitute cheque request to the email address of Please give your name and the sequence number of your waste management public service fee for facilitating appropriate identification. In the lack of this please give the identification number of the buyer (payer) and its user address, or the name of the buyer and the place of use.
Requesting an invoice copy
If you wish to get an invoice copy, please send your request to the email address of with indicating exactly the data of the waste management public service invoice (buyer-payer-identification and the period accounted).
Invoice related complaints
NHKV performs its invoicing tasks on the basis of the data it receives from the waste management public service providers. Therefore, if the complaint concerns the public service (number of emptying occasions, vehicle dimensions, their damages) please turn directly to your current public service provider. In the case of other invoice complaints please write to the email address of
Resort zone
Owners that have properties that are registered as resort places have to pay 50 % of the annual waste management public service fee based on section 47 (4) of Act CLXXXV of year 2012 on wastes.
Pricing the service
Section 35 (1) e) of Act CLXXXV of year 2012 on wastes stipulates that the representative body of the settlement local government has to establish in a regulation the fee payment obligation that burdens the real estate user, which is not regulated in a ministerial regulation, its payment rules, the possible allowances and the cases of suspension that may be requested by the real estate user.